Thrilled in anticipation: the ultimate customer experience?

So to stay ahead of the competition, you’re determined to deliver the ultimate customer experience. You want to keep surprising and delighting them until their emotional connection with your brand is so strong that you are top of their list every time they want to buy.

Well what about before they buy? What if you could offer customers exactly what they want before they even know they want it?

Complex? Yes. And increasingly so with a progressively complicated and sophisticated customer journey. But it’s also perfectly possible.

Possible for call centre reps to know a credit card customer’s problem before the customer tells them. Possible for a shop assistant to be ready with outfit suggestions in your size and colour preference the moment you walk in the store.

It’s known as “anticipatory customer experience” and it’s all about staying one or two steps ahead of your customers’ needs. Being able to predict what the customer will do next gives retailers an important edge, both in terms of hard sales and when it comes to creating and strengthening a lasting emotional bond.

Being able to accurately predict what your customer might do next all hinges on the data you hold about them – and more importantly, how you use it.

This is where real-time predictive analytics and artificial intelligence come in. Today, you can monitor past actions and behaviours, combine those insights with real-time actions, arrive at a decision, and automate a response. Add streaming analytics and machine learning from the Internet of Things and your knowledge can be truly powerful.

Never again will you have to waste time and resources on targeting the wrong people. From now on you can predict the exact likelihood of a customer to take up a specific special offer. Never again will you be caught off guard when the same repeated complaint tempts a mobile phone or internet service customer to cancel their contract. Your customer service teams can be there with a special offer or reward, well before the customer is lost.

The technology for an anticipatory customer experience exists right now. Use it to its full potential and you’re not only one or two steps ahead of your customers, you’re one or two steps ahead of the competition.

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